How to Listen to Your Team

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If you want to keep your team members happy, you must listen to them. Although this isn’t breaking news, we think the methods of interacting with associates are changing – for the better. Once upon a time managers primarily used surveys to learn about their people’s ideas and concerns. These days, leaders – including those at Instep Management – are more likely to connect with team members in person. Here are some ways to listen effectively to your associates:

  • Casual Check-Ins: Informal interaction is more valuable than you may realize. The simple act of asking your colleagues how they’re doing as you pass them in the hallway at the office humanizes you. Sitting with them for lunch in the breakroom and asking about their children and hobbies establishes meaningful connections. Offering assistance at any time builds trust. You make it easy for them to come to you with their insights.
  • Allow for Feedback During Meetings: Our Instep Management associates encourage you to build the opportunity for feedback into every meeting. Doing so enables full transparency, opening the doors to respectfully and openly discuss pressing (or not so pressing) issues. Answer questions and welcome constructive criticism with grace. Of course, you should also be available to meet with your people on an individual basis in case they have personal concerns as well.

We do think it’s important for team members to have tools for sharing input anonymously, but we think it’s even more important for leaders to forge bonds with their people. Use these tips from Instep Management to do so, and go check out our Facebook for more.