Ways to Build a Solid Network

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Making small talk, exchanging business cards, and attending cocktail parties are yesterday’s methods of networking. Though they aren’t completely obsolete, our Instep Management team believes there are far more effective (and comfortable) ways to build new relationships:

  • Be More Deliberate: You may have been advised to find networking opportunities in the unlikeliest and most random places, such as your children’s soccer games or the waiting room at the dentist’s office. Our Instep Management associates have found that these experiences rarely help us move toward our goals, and they often lack follow-up anyway. Before we invest ourselves in new relationships, we’ve learned to first ensure that we have something to offer and that there is some potential for our own progress.
  • Work Backward: When the opportunity to network presents itself, you can determine its worth by first identifying what you’d like to gain from it. Will there be someone you’d like to meet at the gathering? Will you get any sort of exposure? Do you have anything to share with the other attendees? Once you’ve set a goal, think about what you must do to achieve it – and don’t forget to consider the need to follow up with your new contacts. Finally, weigh the necessary effort against the likely reward.

Networking may not be easy, but you don’t need to subject yourself to ineffective methods and feeble attempts to meet new people. Use these tips from Instep Management to maximize your efforts, and learn more about our strategies with our LinkedIn.