Leadership Skills to Master

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Just as with everything else in the world, the process of work is evolving. More tasks are becoming automated, almost completely eliminating the need for people in certain areas. No matter how pervasive technology becomes, however, our Instep Management team knows that people will always be required for innovation. No machine or device can empathize or think creatively. With this in mind, we present some skills to acquire if you’d like to be an innovative leader.

Being opportunistic is part of being an innovator. You must constantly be on the lookout for new ways of doing things, whether it be fulfilling your daily tasks, solving problems, or anything else. This means instead of getting caught up in details, you stay focused on the big picture. Keeping your mind geared toward your vision will help you understand how certain actions will spur forward progress. You can practice opportunism by identifying five different ways to address a given issue. You’ll eventually train yourself to think creatively all the time.

With the ability to find possibility anywhere comes the ability to challenge assumptions. Assumptions get in the way of progress – sometimes even when they are accurate. Interrupt complacency. Instead of completing your work the way you usually do, why not take alternative routes? It may lead you out of your way, but you will gain valuable insights in the process. As our Instep Management associates have learned, when the assumption stops, innovation begins.

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